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Mexican Customs & Immigration

Entry Requirements

Proof of citizenship and photo identification are required for entry to Mexico by all U.S. citizens. A passport and visa are not required for a tourist/transit stay of up to 180 days. A tourist card, issued by Mexican consulates, most airlines serving Mexico and at Mexican Customs is required. Minors require notarized consent from parent(s) if traveling alone, with one parent, or in someone else's custody.

Foreign visitors are required to pay a fee if they travel beyond 15 miles from the border and longer than three days in Mexico. The fee is payable at any Mexican bank and the receipt of payment must be shown to immigration officials upon exiting the country. The permit, which is modeled on the U.S. I-94 permit, is valid for six months and for multiple entries. Certain categories of visitors are exempt from paying this fee. Examples include residents of Mexico with valid FM residency documents, visitors within the border zone, as well as visitors to certain tourist destinations such as Puerto Peñasco. Please check with Mexican Immigration officials for more information about exemptions. Also note that this is a pilot program and a final decision has yet to be made whether Mexican Immigration will continue with it in the future.

Mexican regulations limit the value of goods brought into Mexico by U.S. citizens arriving by air or sea to $300 per person and by land to $75 per person. Amounts exceeding the duty-free limit are subject to a 20.58 percent tax. U.S. citizens planning on working or living in Mexico should apply for the appropriate Mexican visa (FM-2 or FM-3). For more information on entry requirements please visit Mexico's custom requirements and Mexican Immigration.