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The DS-160 application is free, must be filled out online and there is no need to use intermediaries. Just print out a confirmation sheet with a bar code that will give the consular officer access to the information contained in the DS-160.

This application offers several benefits to our applicants.

  • First, the DS-160 contains all the options for visa applications in one. The applicant won't have to worry about which application they need to fill out in order to apply.
  • Second, the information provided by the applicant in the form DS-160 is between the applicant and us, thus offering more privacy for your information. 
  • Finally, personal data will be processed before attending your interview, so it is recommended that the application should be filled out two days before your appointment. If the application is filled out correctly, the process is faster for everyone.

It is important to remember that this application, like the previous one, must be completed in full, with accurate information and honesty.  The new application does not minimize the requirement to provide proof of all economic and social ties outside the United States.

To complete the application please enter the following link: DS-160

Technical aspects

It is important that when filling your application form DS-160 to answer every question correctly, certain questions will only be deployed depending on the response you have previously provided. Failure to adequately answer the request will be required to correct it, causing a considerable delay in processing your visa.

To complete the application DS-160 is important to know the technical aspects needed.

The application is in English. You have to guide the mouse to the upper right corner in the choice of language ("Tooltip Select Language") and select Spanish. This will not change the text from English to Spanish, but you will activate a feature in which you can get a translation of each paragraph by placing the mouse pointer over the text, this will display a text box with the Spanish translation and will be visible between 5 and 7 seconds. To see it again you have to move the mouse pointer and repeat the previous step.

The system is programmed to close the session in the absence of activity (request filled) for 20 minutes. If this happens you will lose any unsaved information.

At the end of each page the electronic application will give you the option to save completed information, we recommend that you use this function whenever you finish each section, if there is a problem with the session you will lose any information not saved.

To open a saved application you will have to go to the beginning of the application, and look for the option to open the application (upload to Previous Application).

To correct a completed application you will have to go to the beginning of the application, at the end of this option to resume the application (Application Incomplete Retrieve), you must provide the following information to access: barcode number assigned in your confirmation sheet, the first five letters of your last name, your year of birth and the answer the personnel security question asked before completing the application for the first time. This will open the application to make the necessary corrections.

You have the option to upload your photo in the application. Please note that this is not a mandatory requirement in completing your application. If you choose to do so, the photograph must meet the following specifications: Size 50mm x 50mm (2 x 2 inches), dark clothing, you should be looking straight at the camera with the forehead and ears uncovered, chin up, with a color white background and without borders.

To proceed with completing the application DS-160 enter the link: DS-160.


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